Dental Bridges in Frisco, Texas

A single missing tooth does not have to stand out in your smile. If you would like to fill in that space but are not interested in a dental implant, call Dental Care of Frisco at 214-436-5122 for an appointment with our dentist for a dental bridge in Frisco, Texas. Dr. Thomas Grant can use a bridge to improve your appearance and your oral health.

When faced with the challenge of missing one or more consecutive teeth, a dental bridge emerges as a reliable solution to reclaim your confident smile. Crafted with precision, a dental bridge is a permanent dental restoration designed to seamlessly fit into your oral landscape. By anchoring firmly using meticulously tailored dental crowns, the bridge ensures stability and comfort. The crowns, created to harmonize with your natural teeth, secure the artificial tooth in the gap, effectively restoring your smile with a steadfast structure.

Efficiency is at the heart of this procedure, as only two visits to our practice are typically required to complete the bridge installation. This convenience doesn’t compromise on durability. Dental bridges are engineered to endure, offering you a long-lasting solution that reinstates the aesthetics, functionality and vitality of your smile.

The many benefits of a dental bridge are noteworthy. Beyond the obvious enhancement to your appearance, a bridge reinstates the normalcy in activities like speaking and eating while maintaining the proper alignment of adjacent teeth. Additionally, it can mitigate undue strain on your bite, preserving the shape of your face and preventing the migration of neighboring teeth. For those who wish to bid farewell to removable partial dentures, a dental bridge offers an elegant alternative.

Our experienced dentist and team are committed to guiding you through the process, helping you make an informed decision about choosing a customized dental bridge to reinvigorate your smile. Contact us today for more information and embark on the journey to rediscover your radiant smile.